Hello and Welcome to my site.

This site has been started with the purpose of helping myself and my group of friends (you are welcome to join the group), keeping updated with the latest MCX commodity data.

If you are using Amibroker or you will find the MCX data extremely easy to import into your Amibroker database. 

If you are using other charting software, you will still find the data useful. The only difference is we do not provide tutorials to import data in other charting software. But it is extremely easy to import our data in other software like MetaStock etc.

A brief descriptions about the sections:

Visit MCX Live Rates for Market Watch, Bhav Copy, Historical Data, Spot Market Price, Most Active Contract, Top Gainers/Losers, Trade Verifications, Index History

Data Archive contains commodity EOD data (day open, high, low, close) and is in .csv formats.

Amibroker database is the actual database containing all these data imported, so you may actually replace your database with this. There is no hassle of importing. Remember, you will lose your other/previous Amibroker data if you do this. This is only beneficial if you are only tracking these data or you have created a new database.

Forex page contains forex chart and an useful currency converter.

Visit Commodity News to be updated of the latest informations about the markets.

The How To section contains tutorials for importing Raw data into Amibroker.

Contact Us page can be used to submit your questions and feedback. 

Remember to keep checking the Recent site activity to see the latest updates and changes.